Fox 9 Weather App Reviews

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As storms approach, app non-functional due to demand? Need to weather aware and this app has let me down.


Good layout easy to follow radar is a bit tough to read with the green overlay, and as for your future-cast, WHAT THE F*** its the worst most inaccurate %100 wrong info Ive ever seen. I use weather bug still because of the lack of features and your so called incorrect future cast


This is the worst app for predicting the weather. It cant accurately predict even 24hrs in advance! If the only thing youre looking for is the current temp than download this app cause thats all its good for

Map on iPad doesnt load.

I have this app on my iPhone and iPad. It works just fine on my phone, but the app hasnt been working properly on the iPad for some time. Today, I deleted the app and reinstalled it on my iPad. The map just stays grey. No radar or map details load. Its my go to weather app on my phone, but useless on my iPad. I guess Ill look for a different app.

Music stops

Why does the music playing on my phone have to stop when I open the weather?

Old version is much better

The old version of this app is much better than the new version. I still have the old version on my iPad and LOVE it, but can only get the newer version on my iPhone, and dont like it at all. Please bring back the old version.

Good radar app

This is a great app in general, but sometimes the radar picture can be buggy and load slowly, which can become tedious.

Best Ive found

I am a total weather bug and have been using this app since it first came out so Im not someone who has used it just a few times and criticizes.... I would like the state lines to be easier to see, it would make tracking weather while traveling easier. Also, I often times need to go into my settings to re-set the transparency which is annoying. Other than that I like the weather in motion & the clarity of the map.

Good, but could be great

I think this is the best option for a Twin Cities weather app. I had the weather channel app in the past and I wasnt that impressed. The only thing that could make this a bit better is if theyd list the current and expected dew points. It seems weve evolved past humidity as the end all measure for comfort in the summer.


Not accurate at all. They do not update the forecast at all. The hourly forecast is not even the same as it is on their website. Do not waste your time, try a different weather app, I would not trust this one at all.

No sounds for alerts

The alerts do not make any sound even though it is supposed to.... no way in notifications to set it up to make a sound. Got it for severe weather alerts...useless for that.

Good app!

Favorite weather app, but would like sound alert for weather alerts on iPhone

Wish I didnt do last update!

Now my app wont even open since I did latest update today. New and different problem each time they issue an update. Well, at least it isnt severe weather season but with the glitches guess it might be time to find a new weather app. So sad because it USED to be not half bad :(

Bad update

I updated this app yesterday. Now it wont open at all!? Come on guys. Get this fixed.


Decent local app, but, like all weather apps, it lacks snow accumulation information

Please fix!

With the current update the app wont do anything.

Great for looking at your weather

Works great. Live time radar of your weather

Its a good app, but

Its a good app, but I wish it showed the current conditions (sunny, cloudy)


Love the app, use it every day. My only suggestion, please add wind chill reading to the app.


Helps me to know what I would need I pack when I have to go travel... Which is a lot..

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