Fox 9 Weather App Reviews

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Music stops

Why does the music playing on my phone have to stop when I open the weather?

Map on iPad doesnt load.

I have this app on my iPhone and iPad. It works just fine on my phone, but the app hasnt been working properly on the iPad for some time. Today, I deleted the app and reinstalled it on my iPad. The map just stays grey. No radar or map details load. Its my go to weather app on my phone, but useless on my iPad. I guess Ill look for a different app.


This is the worst app for predicting the weather. It cant accurately predict even 24hrs in advance! If the only thing youre looking for is the current temp than download this app cause thats all its good for


Good layout easy to follow radar is a bit tough to read with the green overlay, and as for your future-cast, WHAT THE F*** its the worst most inaccurate %100 wrong info Ive ever seen. I use weather bug still because of the lack of features and your so called incorrect future cast


As storms approach, app non-functional due to demand? Need to weather aware and this app has let me down.

Old version is much better

The old version of this app is much better than the new version. I still have the old version on my iPad and LOVE it, but can only get the newer version on my iPhone, and dont like it at all. Please bring back the old version.

Fox 9 weather app

This is simply the best weather app out there for the twin cities. Nothing else to say just the best

Does not give me alerts?

For some reason this app I now have had it for a long time on my 4S it was fine. Now on my 6 the alerts had stopped on it even though under my phone settings I do have it set up to alert me for severe weather issues. I checked every where under the app to, to make sure it was not some where under there. I do like that the reports with the temps and radar are better then other apps. However I to do wish they could put a thing in there app so I can have access to it in the widget section. I to have tried to contact support about the issue with the alerts I never herd anything back. And my phone still goes without alerts. I have tried to download other weather apps just for me to be able to get weather alerts. But none of them are that good including the one the phone comes with.

Interface is good, data is often inaccurate or out of date

I like the interface, its easy to use. My problem is the accuracy of the data. Right now on the daily temps for tomorrow, the high will be 77, BUT, the hourly temps for tomorrow never get over 70. On home screen it says wind is Calm, yet on hourly forecast it says wind speeds at 11MPH This app can be better if the data can be more accurate and real time.

Not as good as the old app

Old app was the best weather app. New one crashes, takes longer to load, and one-third of the screen is ads. Luckily, I didnt delete the old one. 3-star compared to other apps.

Bring back my dew point!

Ive been using this app since day 1. Recently I updated my iPhone version and noticed that the Dew Point, Humidity, and Feels Like data were missing. I feel this is important information- especially these days - that is sorely missed! I refuse to update my iPad version because it looks like its been removed from it as well. Please bring back Dew Point, Humidity, and Feels Like data!!!

Wont open

iPhone 6 plus and app just wont open. Crashes before it even gets to the intro screen!

Fox 9 weather app

New version poorly done. Dont waste your time.

Bring back the old icons and font

I know you want to keep things looking fresh, but I find the all white weather icons in the updated version difficult to "read" when Im looking for a QUICK update on what the weather is going to be like. The thinner font is also a slower read especially on smaller screens. "New" is not always better.

Not an upgrade

I agree with previous reviewers. I have used this app for years and this is definitely not an upgrade. Enough so to perhaps not use it anymore. Well see....

New update ruined it

Go back to the previous version. It was much more intuitive and easier to understand at a glance. Its no longer obvious what youre looking at or where to tap to find anything like the forecast. Whoever designed this needs to go back to design school.

Terrible update

Not sure why theyve updated this ap but someone needs to try again. Layout is terrible and I cant see all my locations at the same time like the old one. Setup is not intuitive and clearly not an improvement. Im going back to the old one and if this one doesnt get better next time, find another app altogether. Weather channel ap has improved.

New update

They layout of the new version is terrible. The old version is user friendly and easy to see and use. Others that Ive spoken to agree. I will not be updating until I see it go back to the old format. Could not take it any longer. Deleted this app. The wind speeds were taken away along with all the info you could see in a storm. Dont install this app. The changes they made ruined it!

Dont bother

Poor App. Bring back the app circa 2013. Why would you redesign a crappy app when it was perfect? Bye bye KMSP helllooo KSTP

Update error?

All our devices say there is a new version. We installed it but dialog box still comes up. A little annoying.

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